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To protect you. We are on a mission to make people safer because when we are not safe, we are not free. Like all crime, cybercrime is an existential threat to society, bigger than any one person or group. That’s why we’re here to secure your life both on and offline, giving you control and ownership over your safety, and in effect, your life.

After decades of working in cybersecurity, one thing became clear to us: everyone deserves to have the best possible cyber protection, not just corporations. Like food and shelter, safety is a basic human need, and we’re on a mission to make sure everyone can have it.


We understand how personal privacy is. That’s why our entire app—and brand—is designed with people in mind. With our simple, seamless, and sophisticated platform, we truly are your personal trusted advisor on all things security.


We communicate with transparency to illuminate a better understanding of your digital footprint and personal risk. Because the more we understand, the less scary things become, giving you control over your safety.



Cyrus was founded by cyber security experts Oren Arar, Jonathan Livneh, and Shahak Shalev with the mission of combining their vast knowledge and experience to create the most accessible and world-class product that will best protect you from what’s out there.

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