Cyrus is here to protect people from cybercrime. Our mission is to democratize security and make people safer. Cybercrime is an enormous threat to society, bigger than any one person or group, and much harder to trace. Cyrus puts the person in the center and here to protect you from this threat. Cyrus was founded by cybersecurity experts Oren Arar, Jonathan Livneh, and Shahak Shalev combining their vast knowledge and experience to create the most accessible and world-class personal cybersecurity product. 

NEW YORK, NY, and TEL AVIV, ISRAEL (September 22, 2021) Cyrus, the new personal cybersecurity and identity protection service built by global cybersecurity experts, today announced the launch of its mobile app in a closed-beta and invites consumers to join its waitlist. Cyrus was founded by ex-8200 cybersecurity experts Oren Arar (CEO), Jonathan Livneh (Chief Product Officer), and Shahak Shalev (Chief Technology Officer). The company has raised a $3.6M seed round led by Resolute Ventures, with participation from Warby Parker founders-owned fund Goodfriends VC, several private investors, and prominent cybersecurity leaders Shlomo Kramer, Tomer Weingarten (who also serves on Cyrus’ board), and hedge fund guru Bill Ackman. The funds raised have helped Cyrus roll out its personal cybersecurity product, providing immediate value to users, and propelling the company’s launch into the U.S.

The Cyrus app, currently available on iOS, offers users a deep understanding of their online exposure. Approved users from the waitlist can activate Cyrus’ identity theft protection which will monitor all credit and bank profiles, as well as to detect and alert users of suspicious activity. The app adds layers of protection to major online accounts through its proprietary technology and partnership with Fintech giants like Plaid, ensuring users can feel in control of their data and financial assets, to properly protect themselves from risks, even if they aren’t familiar with cybersecurity. 

Cyrus deploys cutting-edge technologies and special methodologies to make users safer from cybercrime while saving them a lot of time with a no-hassle approach:

  • Cyrus works to PREVENT users from becoming victims by showing them exactly what their exposure level is, making sure they have protections (like 2FA) in place, and providing access to tools, such as credit locks at the click of a button.
  • Cyrus DETECTS threats swiftly because it makes all the difference in the world if someone has access to your bank account for 2 minutes, 2 hours, or 2 weeks. The same goes for your Google account. 
  • Cyrus RESPONDS to threats through chat-based Hybrid AI and human support with clear-cut next steps, and personalized help every step of the way. 

“Since the pandemic, identity theft and cyber attacks against consumers have spiked —a direct result of increased hacks into large companies that we trust our data with on a daily basis,” said Oren Arar, CEO, and Co-Founder of Cyrus. “The stolen data is often abused and used by criminals to either open new lines of credit or hack into existing banking accounts using methods like social engineering and simple hacker tools that are also available for purchase on the Darknet. While large enterprises have access to legal teams and resources to rectify these breaches, consumers do not have access to the same level of protection and cyber support. Seeing a huge need to protect the everyday consumer, we’re building Cyrus as their first and last line of defense – initially focusing on the most imminent threat of identity theft.”

According to the Identity Theft Resource Center US Report, there were 1,1108 data breaches in 2020 alone. In the same year, over 20 million U.S. adults had their identities stolen, corresponding to a 67% increase from 2019. As of today, 32% of U.S. adults have had their identities stolen at some point in their lives and moreover, studies have shown that victims are 3x more likely to become victims again in the future. These shocking statistics pose serious issues for those whose data has already been compromised. The staggering gap in cybersecurity protection is a result of outdated, inaccessible protocols the market currently has to offer. Cyrus enters the space with a fresh outlook on personal cyber-safety: an individually tailored and user-friendly mobile app that works behind the scenes so users go on with their lives worry-free. 

“Cyrus brings net-positive value & impact to consumers around the world by protecting them from cybercrime,” said Dave Gilboa, CEO & Co-Founder of Warby Parker. “It’s time people have a cybersecurity product that speaks their language at eye-level and helps them cope with modern threats, and we’re excited to support Oren, Jonathan & Shahak in building this revolutionary product”

“The cybersecurity industry is constantly evolving – we have to innovate to stay ahead of cybercriminals. Unlike the enterprise market, existing consumer products and brands simply don’t bring the level of individual protection needed in today’s world. The Cyrus team has the right vision and execution skills to change that” added Tomer Weingarten, Cyrus board member and CEO & Co-Founder of SentinelOne.

During Cyrus’s closed beta launch, those interested in becoming Cyrus users are encouraged to download the app via the Apple App Store and join the waitlist via email to immediately receive a personalized exposure report. For more information on Cyrus Security, please visit www.cyrus.app or download the app on iOS.