Spotlight on Credit Protection

We’re thrilled to introduce credit monitoring through the Cyrus app. Get peace of mind with 24/7 access to your credit reports from the three major credit bureaus while we monitor in the background for anything suspicious.


Some of the clearest indicators of identity theft can be derived from credit-related information. Credit Reporting Agencies  (CRA) are collecting and monitoring a lot of data, and also have the power to limit the effect of a case of identity theft (e.g. by placing a ‘freeze’ on your account that will deny getting a financial service).

For these reasons connecting to the CRAs and providing people information from there is a key part of the Cyrus solution.

Cyrus provides people with an easy way to review and monitor activities on their credit file in order to detect ID theft As Soon As Possible. This is done by interfacing Credit Reporting Agencies, that provide notifications when they receive requests or changes regarding the person’s credit.



In case something suspicious is found, Cyrus will assist in resolving the issue, by tracking incident status, providing information and recommendations and automatically. 

Simply download the Cyrus app and Enable Credit Protection to enjoy this new feature.