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Why Your Employees are Your Weakest Link — and What To Do About It

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  • December 26, 2022
  • Shahak Shalev

There is a common saying in the world of cybersecurity: “people are the weakest link.” This is because, no matter how strong your company’s technology and security measures are, you can still be compromised if an employee is not careful.

Three reasons why employees are the targets of cyberattacks

Cyber criminals often target their attacks across an entire company’s workforce, phishing for unprepared employees and those who aren’t savvy to social engineering attacks. 

Here are the three big reasons why employees are targeted, and how Cyrus can help:

  1. Not all employees take cybersecurity seriously

One reason employees are the weakest link in a company’s cybersecurity is that they’re often not trained or educated on the importance of security practices in their everyday life. Many see cybersecurity as something only IT professionals need to worry about, and therefore don’t take it seriously themselves.

Unfortunately, identity theft cases are at an all time high, with new fraud cases reported every 22 seconds. When employees make careless mistakes, such as using weak passwords or clicking on suspicious links, that can compromise the security of the entire company.

Make sure your teams are using an all-in-one personal cybersecurity solution like Cyrus, to minimize the points of vulnerability across your employee’s work and personal lives online. Book a demo today to learn more.

  1. Social engineering hacks can trick anyone

Employees are often the target of social engineering attacks. These attacks use psychological manipulation to trick employees into revealing sensitive information or giving attackers access to the company’s systems. 

For example, an attacker might pose as a trusted colleague or vendor and send an email requesting login credentials, or they might call an employee and pretend to be from IT, asking for the employee’s password. Because employees are not always aware of these tactics, they can easily fall for them and inadvertently put the company’s security at risk.

  1. Employees often keep the keys to the data

Employees can also be a ripe target because they are the ones with access to the company’s systems and data. Even if an employee does not intentionally compromise the security of your company, they can still accidentally expose sensitive information or allow unauthorized access to your company’s systems. 

An employee might leave their laptop unlocked and unattended, or they might accidentally download malware from the internet, providing keys to the kingdom. These types of mistakes can have serious consequences for the company’s security.

Cyrus can help keep your workforce safer from targeted hacks

It is important for your company to invest in cybersecurity protection for all employees to help reduce the risk of security breaches and protect your valuable assets. This is where Cyrus comes in.

By deploying Cyrus for Enterprise, your entire workforce will have personalized protection, with features such as:

  • Online account protection for work, personal, and financial accounts
  • Network security and VPN to mask employee identities on public WiFi networks
  • Dark web scanning, with real-time alerts for any credentials
  • 24/7 identity theft and fraud resolution experts standing by

Cyrus delivers an enterprise-ready security solution for your workforce, benefitting the individual employee and strengthening your entire company’s security infrastructure.

Book a demo today to learn how Cyrus can protect your business.

Protect Your Employees

Learn how your employees’ personal security impacts the state of your company’s cyber security.

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How do hackers target employees?

Hackers understand some employees may be undereducated in cybersecurity practices, making them an easy target for social engineering hacks, spear-phishing attempts, or other targeted attacks. With a personal cyber security platform like Cyrus, attack vectors are minimized, leaving hackers less able to compromise personal and work accounts.

How can business be impacted by employee identity theft?

Employee identity theft can have a number of negative consequences for a business. It can be costly to the company, as it may be responsible for any financial losses resulting from the theft. In addition, employee identity theft can damage the company’s reputation and lead to loss of customers, as well as create legal and regulatory issues. In a worst case scenario, it can lead to infiltration of data systems with theft of IP or other sensitive data.

How does Cyrus protect my employees from hacks?

Cyrus is an all-in-one personal cybersecurity solution, offering online account protection, credit monitoring with real-time alerts, network security features with VPN, and more—all of which contribute to a safer online experience for your employees.

Cyrus sends real-time alerts in case of any threats to accounts, and our 24/7 identity theft resolution experts will be standing by in case anyone on your team needs assistance. Book a demo and try Cyrus today.

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Shahak Shalev
Shahak Shalev

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We welcome you to download the Cyrus app, if you have any questions or feedback, we're available on chat via the app.

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