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Cyrus team has helped me receive access to my account again as well as explained what exactly the hacker has done to my account and how to go about it. if you’re thinking of downloading this app, do it!!
I was a little skeptical but I gave it some time and patience and they showed me every single step and followed up on my progress and were so kind and helpful in helping me get my account back.
I downloaded this app immediately. Customer service is on point, sweet, and helpful- it’s the only app that doesn’t feel like you’re talking to bots.
Listen, when I tell you Cyrus is PHENOMENAL! If you’re hesitating - don’t. My social media account was hacked and James the cyber specialist was responsive, knowledgeable, and extremely helpful. He guided me step by step to get my account back and I was online within 9hrs.
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What to do if your instagram account gets hacked?

Hacked IG accounts are not easy to recover but it is possible. The key to recovering combines both quick reaction and patience. After helping thousands of cases, our cybersecurity experts are thorough with the up-to-date recovery methods Instagram has to offer (even if they sometimes hide them). With the lack of an IG support team, Cyrus decided to provide real human chat to help all those who seek to recover their hacked Instagram account.

Does Instagram have support?

You might be able to find a phone number or email floating around online for Instagram, but they are all old automated contact methods that are no longer in use. You’ll either get no response at all or will be directed toward their Help Center for further assistance. As you probably already know, the best kind of help you can get there is an automated support form. If you want to chat with a real human, our Cyrus Security experts are happy to help with your IG account. You can Click Here to learn more about our company and/or download the Cyrus App.

How do I report a hacker on Instagram?

The best way to report a hacker is from within the app itself. While viewing the account in question…

  1. In the upper-right corner, tap the (3 dots).
  2. Tap “Report…” on the screen that pops up. This will surface reasons for reporting the account.
  3. Then tap “Report Account
  4. In most hacked cases, the hacker is posting about Bitcoin or some other misleading or suspicious jive. Therefore, the most accurate reason to Report the account in that menu is “It’s pretending to be someone else.”
  5. Then when they ask “Who is this account pretending to be?” – Select Me (if it’s your account) or Someone I know (if it’s your friend/family member).
  6. Click “Submit Report”

What if my Instagram account was deactivated?

In some cases, hackers might delete all your posts, or they might delete your account entirely. Other times Instagram will actually deactivate the hacked account due to a violation of their community guidelines (i.e. too many spam posts, comments, and/or DMs by the hacker). Either way, Instagram supposedly stores your information for a couple of weeks after this happens. In most cases, you might be better off creating a new account, but if you’re still desperate to recover it, here’s our recommendation:

There are 3 forms you can fill out and submit for deactivated accounts. They are technically for different reasons of deactivation, but the bottom line is, if you submit them all, your situation should be covered by at least one of them:

How long does Instagram take to recover a hacked account?

The recovery process looks different for everyone, but you should expect this to take a couple of weeks on average (a minimum of 5-10 business days). Instagram is handling thousands of these requests a day, so there is no way to speed up the process. After you submit your recovery requests, try to sit tight and know that you’ve done everything in your power to get your account back.

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