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Protect your Business by Protecting your Employees

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  • January 3, 2023
  • Shahak Shalev

It’s no secret that cyber attacks are on the rise, and companies of all sizes are at risk. But did you know that employee personal accounts can also be a weak link in a company’s cybersecurity defenses? Here’s how it can happen and what companies can do to prevent it.

Real-Life Examples

Companies Getting Hacked Through Employee Personal Accounts

One high-profile example of a company getting hacked through an employee’s personal account is the 2017 data breach at Uber. In this case, hackers accessed the personal Gmail account of a member of the company’s security team, which contained login credentials for various Uber systems. The hackers were then able to access and download data on 57 million Uber users and 600,000 drivers.

Another example is the 2018 data breach at Marriott International, in which hackers accessed the personal email account of an employee at a subsidiary company, Starwood Hotels & Resorts. From there, they were able to access the company’s reservation system and steal the personal data of up to 500 million guests.

How Can Companies Prevent These Types of Attacks?

There are a few steps that companies can take to prevent employee personal accounts from being used as a means of attack:

  1. Implement strong password policies:

Encourage employees to use strong, unique passwords for their personal accounts, and consider implementing a password manager to help them keep track of them.

  1. Educate employees on cybersecurity best practices:

Make sure employees are aware of the importance of protecting their personal accounts, as well as the company’s systems. This can include training on how to identify and avoid phishing attacks, which are common ways for hackers to gain access to personal accounts.

  1. Use two-factor authentication:

Two-factor authentication requires an additional step to verify a user’s identity, such as a code sent to a phone or email. This can help prevent unauthorized access to personal accounts, even if a password is compromised.

  1. Monitor for suspicious activity:

Regularly monitor employee personal accounts for suspicious activity, such as unusual login attempts or new devices accessing the account.

  1. Utilize specialized cybersecurity solutions:

There are companies, like Cyrus Security, that offer specialized cybersecurity solutions that can protect all employees’ accounts. For example, Cyrus Security’s platform uses machine learning to continuously monitor employee accounts for unusual activity and can block suspicious logins in real-time. By using a specialized solution like this, companies can have an additional layer of protection for their employees’ personal accounts

By taking these steps, companies can better protect themselves and their customers from the risks posed by employee personal accounts. While it’s not always possible to prevent every attack, implementing strong security measures can help reduce the likelihood of a successful attack and minimize the impact if one does occur.

Protect Your Employees

Learn how your employees’ personal security impacts the state of your company’s cyber security.

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How do hackers target employees?

Hackers understand some employees may be undereducated in cybersecurity practices, making them an easy target for social engineering hacks, spear-phishing attempts, or other targeted attacks. With a personal cyber security platform like Cyrus, attack vectors are minimized, leaving hackers less able to compromise personal and work accounts.

How can business be impacted by employee identity theft?

Employee identity theft can have a number of negative consequences for a business. It can be costly to the company, as it may be responsible for any financial losses resulting from the theft. In addition, employee identity theft can damage the company’s reputation and lead to loss of customers, as well as create legal and regulatory issues. In a worst case scenario, it can lead to infiltration of data systems with theft of IP or other sensitive data.

How does Cyrus protect my employees from hacks?

Cyrus is an all-in-one personal cybersecurity solution, offering online account protection, credit monitoring with real-time alerts, network security features with VPN, and more—all of which contribute to a safer online experience for your employees.

Cyrus sends real-time alerts in case of any threats to accounts, and our 24/7 identity theft resolution experts will be standing by in case anyone on your team needs assistance. Book a demo and try Cyrus today.

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Shahak Shalev
Shahak Shalev

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